Testimonies – June 23, 2020 – CGMJCI

Testimonies from believers of the CGMJCI around the world.

  • God blessed a sister who was running out of food and having to pay her utilities by moving the hearts of other people to help her, and God has given experiences during this quarantine. Guaviare, Colombia (Dubbed)
  • God blesses a family financially by having a person purchase their product in large quantities after being unable to sell it. (Dubbed)
  • A sister who contacted the Corona had severe symptoms but recovered after praying, receiving laying on of hands, hearing the sermons from Sister Maria Luisa, and having a spiritual dream. White Plains, New York, USA (Dubbed)
  • God continued surprising a sister by moving people’s hearts to provide her with money and groceries. Barbosa, Santander, Colombia (Dubbed)

Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International